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Body Sheet

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Hand Towel

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"I ordered my first sheets from TL about 10 years ago. They're washed weekly and used daily. There's a few holes on the flat sheet along the side (I'm convinced we had a mouse that lined a nest as the holes don't look like wear - she had good taste!) and the fitted sheet is close to giving up the ghost. But they are STILL so wonderfully soft, yet crisp. Finally buying another set but won't part with my Velveteen Rabbit sheets. Thank you TL!"
SH, Massachusetts
"These are the absolute best sheets you can buy! I have purchased probably 20 different brands of sheets and they have all went back. It does take several washings to soften them up and make sure you wash them following the directions ( no fabric softener) but when they do they are heaven to sleep in!
Will not purchase any other sheets. Definitely worth the money!!"
SM, Illinois
"Like the song goes, "Nobody gets too much heaven no more" Well maybe that's true, but i found with the (Thomas Lee) 500 percale you can buy a little of that heaven and it wont cost you a fortune, Thank you for a product worth way more........
Most Regards,
"I was on a mission for years to find sheets like my grandmother's that were smooth but cool. I found them at last to be Thomas Lee's. Like any good cotton product, you have to give them the span of a few washings to achieve the silky texture. And for those people that don't like the wrinkles of 100% cotton, just put the sheets on the bed and mist them with a spray bottle of water, run a hand over it and the wrinkles simply disappear. I'll never buy another brand--I've hit sleep nirvana with these sheets."
RG, Sarasota, FL
"My son loves your sheets and the duvet cover I bought him. I plan to buy him the granny blanket next. He's grown but spoiled."
"Thank you all for helping out with making a quick change to our order.

This will be our second time ordering from you. We love your sheets!"

LM, California
"Ordered these for my brother as a gift,.He had purchased 2 sets of expensive ,supposedly high quality sets in the past year ...they were most definitively sub standard.I set out to find him the very best ...after a lot of research I chose Thomas Lee sheets,he called after the first nite and was ecstatic , "these are awesome" ,I said I know.
I was expecting that response since I had checked them out when they arrived and fell in love with them as well..when I laid them on his desk I said these are the very best, he finished my sentence " in the world "...I said yes"
nt, sour lake texas
"For months I have searched for my 'grandmother's sheets'. Those crisp, yet heavenly soft sheets that just grew better with age. She had those sheets for decades! When I found your site, the first thing that caught my attention was that you were US textile industry veterans. The second was your very simple process: the best cotton, proper stitching, reasonable price. I ordered a king set and it arrived in 2 days! I washed and dried according to instructions and ironed them. I crawled into bed and spent the next hour going on and on about how I'd found grandma's sheets!!!! And I did! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! It may seen like a lot of hullaballoo over something as simple as sheets, but for those who know what I'm talking about (and there are more than you'd think!) well, you KNOW how incredible it is to find exactly what you were looking for. I didn't have to settle with Thomas Lee. That, in itself, is nothing short of a miracle in today's world."
CG, Burlington, NC
"We have used the sheets for several years, on our king sized bed. Because of their generous size, we no longer tug the sheet away from each other. Contrary to above directions, I ALWAYS wash my sheets and towels in hot water for sanitary reasons with 2/3 the amount of laundry soap. I NEVER use fabric softener. I always dry them on hot and have never felt the need to iron them, even for company. Now, if they could come in more colors, and maybe a floral design....."
SL, Minnesota
"Wow...thank you for responding so quickly and making this so easy. I really appreciate your wonderful customer service!"
CD, Georgia