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Thomas Lee: The Superiority of 100% US Grown Pima Cotton

Most bed linens of standard quality are made from a blend of polyester with cotton. In contrast, the world's best bed linens start with the world's best cotton. The simple fact is that no other fiber provides the natural softness and absorbency of cotton. Thomas Lee never uses blends of cotton and other fibers in its PerfectCale ® bed linens.

Cotton quality is primarily determined by the "staple" length, which is the length of the actual fibers in each cotton bloom. The longer the staple, the better the cotton.

Egyptian cotton has been developed as a brand to denote cotton grown in Egypt. The ring spun process we use in our bed linens requires cotton with the longest, strongest and finest fibers available. While Egyptian cotton may be good quality cotton, the simple truth is it is not good enough for Thomas Lee PerfectCale ® bed linens, which actually use Pima cotton, a superior quality of cotton that is grown in the southwestern United States.

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