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Thomas Lee: The Meaning of High Thread Count

Does high thread count matter? Yes, but the type and quality of the yarn and how it's woven are equally important. Thread count is the measured number of threads woven together in one square inch of fabric. As a rule the higher the thread count, the finer the yarn in each square inch. Bed sheets of standard quality have thread counts of 150 to 300.

Thomas Lee PerfectCale ® bed linens are woven with an exceptionally high thread count of 500 with every inch woven from the strongest, most supple and lustrous single ply yarn possible. Does thread count matter? Certainly if you are interested in sleeping on the best. Many other bed linens, including some from leading designer names, which claim high thread count are produced using an inferior sateen weave with four threads woven over one. Sateen bed sheets may have a pleasant feel initially, but after a few launderings the threads can begin to fray, causing the fabric to pill and take on a limp and coarse texture.

Other high thread count sheets may use yarns that are plied together before weaving. This questionable practice results in not only a misleading overstatement of actual thread count, but creates a fabric made with lower quality yarn. The United States Federal Trade Commission has issued an opinion that this practice likely deceives consumers. In fact sheets that claim thread counts of 1000 are generally made with yarn that has been plied as many as 4 TIMES. The real thread count is actually 250, half that of Thomas Lee bed linens. Like sateen weaves, bed linens made with plied yarn should be avoided.

Thomas Lee cotton sheets and bed linens are woven from the world's finest long-staple cotton, single ply yarn made in the highest quality traditional ring spun process, and woven 500 threads to the square inch. Our PerfectCale ®  sheets actually become smoother and more luxurious with use and proper laundering, deepening the pleasure of your experience over time.

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