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See what Thomas Lee customers are saying...

"I am the owner of the best sheets in the world (yours) and have recommended you to many of my friends and family. I've been sleeping on your sheets for about 5 years. Love them."

BT, North Carolina

"These sheets are by far the best sheets I have ever owned. You have a life long fan now!"

MB, California

"When I opened my package of king size, ivory, set of PERFECT sheets, I immediately wanted to pinch the noses of the people who have reviewed these sheets in any negative way. I owned a linen store [and] sold Sferra, Peacock Alley, Frette, Bellatono and so on. Those companies didn't have a product to compare to these sheets at any price. THANKS AGAIN FOR THE QUALITY AND SERVICE. IT'S AMAZING."

KC, Kentucky

"They are by far the most comfortable sheets we have ever owned. I will never sleep on anything else. Thank you for making such wonderful sheets. We LOVE them and are now customers for life"


"Your sheets are fabulous -- truly the best ever!"


"I have had my Thomas Lee sheets for several weeks now - they are great. I was looking for old-fashioned, "crunchy" sheets that always feel cool, and these are terrific. Based on the other reviews I read before I purchased them, I had been talking the sheets up to my husband. I was a little worried they might not deliver, but they did. My husband loves them just as much as I do. Thank you!"

EH, Florida

"Thank you so much for your crisp cool hotel style sheets! My husband and I have been looking for them for years. Your PerfectCale 500 count fit the bill. Now my only fear is that you will try to change and improve them as most every company seems to do. Please keep them just the way they are they are already PERFECT! Thank you!"

SJ, Florida

"I became a bedsnob about 5 years ago and went on a quest to find the percale sheets of my youth. I did purchase a set from an company in NH and have been pretty satisfied with them. In the meantime I purchased your sheets and put them on my husband's bed (he is not a bedsnob-really doesn't appreciate quality sheets) Well, I have reclaimed the Thomas Lee sheets from him and I have to say they are far superior to what I was using. I dried them outside and they are just as crisp as the day I put them on my bed over a week ago! He has lost them forever. And they are probably at least 3 years old."

SM, Florida

"I just received a set of your wonderfully luxurious sheets today. I'm a sheet snob, and have been on the hunt for a sheet to replace the ones I used to purchase, but are no longer available. Can I just say your sheets are even better than those were! I like them so much, I immediately ordered a second set for the guest bedroom. Please don't stop making these fabulous sheets."


"I was on a search for the cool, crisp sheets I grew up with. I read the reviews and despite the price I ordered a set for my new Cal-King bed. They are worth every cent! I love them! They have a smooth texture, the coolness I was searching for and the crispness that cannot be found in other sheets. They are now my standby wedding gift also!"

MD, Virginia

"HOLY COW! Now THAT’s customer service. WOW! Yes. . . . I am a customer for life. BTW…I had been searching for about 5 years for sheets trying to replace the “feel” of my old Waverly 100% cotton. I think these are IT!!!! Fantastic. "

KM, Texas

"Your sheets are fabulous--truly the best ever! Do you have any plans (please, please, please) to make full or twin sized sheets? I want them for every bed in the house!"


"I have NEVER written a review on line because I was too busy or never really felt it was worth the time - BUT I have been using Thomas Lee Sheets for a few years and they are OUTSTANDING. I had an urgent request before Thanksgiving (literally three days before) and I not only received my order - but contact within 24/7 - You should go NO further than this site to buy sheets if you want the best of the best at an affordable price - I have traveled all over the world and every hotel should carry these sheets."

SL, Connecticut

"These sheets are perfect in every way. Your sheets are worth every penny. I would have saved so much money by buying only your sheets instead of my endless search (and purchase) of SO many inferior sheets in the past. Oh well, live and learn. Thank goodness I found you!"

RF, Illinois

"I love your Perfectcale sheets, They are crisp yet very smooth and silky. They are oversized so I can tuck the top sheet under the mattress at the foot and at the sides. They ARE PERFECT!"

CC, Connecticut

"Love my sheets! They fit perfect on my King euro pillow top thick mattress. I wasn't sure if they would fit, but they are awesome just like my friends said! I will be recommending these sheets to all of my friends on Facebook! Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service, much appreciated!"

NH, Washington

"The best sheets I have ever owned! I will never buy another brand again as long as you sell sheets! Your sheets are now on our list of gifts to give for weddings. Well worth every cent! Crisp, white, cool sheets! Ahhhhh......"

Jill P.

"Your sheets are very good quality and I have referred numerous friends and family to your web site. I now own a couple sets of the queen sized sheets. I ordered one set six months ago and they are just getting better with age."

JC, Virginia

"I was looking for the perfect percale sheets and I found them at Thomas Lee! Can't wait to order more - we just love them!"

NH, California

"Hi there, just wanted to do a review on these amazing sheets. We bought these more than 3 months ago, they look like new still and feel wonderful! Thank you for making a great sheet that is amazingly affordable. We'll be back to buy more..."

MW, Washington

"Now I know why your company receives so many great reviews... I found your company when I Googled "crisp sheets" like my mom used to have. I read Ellen Warren's recommendation for your sheets. She says they are "absolute heaven". That's what I'm looking for! I have been looking for years and have spent way too much money at Ralph Lauren and been disappointed."

GG, California

"I wanted to take the time to thank you for the opportunity to buy a set of your sheets. I am currently undergoing treatment for stage 4 cancer. With the radiation and chemotherapy combination, I can tell you it is not an ideal situation. But one of the most comforting things is climbing into my bed and feeling the crispest sheets since I was a boy at my grandmothers house. I resist feeling clammy. I rest better, and generally have found to be more optimistic each and every morning. I guess that puts you right up there with a miracle. Thank you so much and I look forward to purchasing more of your products as time and finances allow. Please allow all who can benefit from my testimonial to view it. You should be very proud of your product. I know that I am."


"I too have never given a review, but feel compelled to add to the already stellar reviews given your company. Your sheets are EXACTLY what I'm looking for in 'the perfect sheet'. Crisp, smooth, light...a joy to iron. Just like I like my sheets. And I might add, your customer service (thanks Thomas!)-is greatly appreciated."

LH, South Carolina

"Thanks for the excellent attention/service. We tried the fitted sheet on today and the pockets were deep enough … remember, we had to return some very-expensive Italian sheets because their advertised depth fell short. Any way, my wife immediately said your sheets felt much better than the Pakistani percale that we purchased a couple of months ago and that she doesn’t like due to their stiffness … even after multiple washes. So, your sheets went in the wash today and they’re now on the bed. They do feel significantly superior to the previous sheets, although yours are 2.5X the price. That being said, I’m a proponent of “you get what you pay for."

CS, Texas

"I just bought your sheets, Paid a little more than I wanted, but this is heaven. The cotton sheets are just like the old days, I hang them on the line and I don't iron them, I love the crinklt of them."

BM, New Jersey

"Eureka! For 10 years I've been searching for towels that actually dry and don't just push the water around and now I've found them. Your towels are brilliant. I was skeptical but your towels have passed every test."

JB, Maryland

"I absolutely love my new Thomas Lee sheets. They are soft and crisp and fit perfectly on my extra deep mattress. The quality is exceptional: both my husband and I feel like we are sleeping on a heavenly cloud. I have tried a number of luxury sheets and these are by far the best. I highly recommend them. Also the customer service at Thomas Lee is exceptional - truly a pleasure doing business."

FA, New York

"Thanks guys for the great customer service and the most awesome sheets!"

FS, Tennessee

"I absolutely LOVE your sheets. We have three sets that we have had for over ten years and even though the blue is now white — just great sheets."

CF, Virginia

"Just wanted to let you know that we just received the sheets and my wife loves them. In this day and age where items are hyped so much it was great to receive a product that truly lives up to expectations. I also want to thank you for the prompt service and we will be ordering more of your products later in the year for Christmas presents."

KL, New Hampshire

"We [purchased] a set of the Ivory sheets and are very pleased. Best we have had in many years."

JB, Arizona

"Thank you so much for the sample of the fabric used to make your sheets and pillow cases. You were correct . . . they are absolutely perfect for a southern coastal climate. Soft and crisp ! A client for life."

CM, Georgia

"I want to order more sheets. The last set I ordered was wonderful and just like the first set. I would like to take advantage of the free shipping. Thank you....I do love your sheets....."

PS, Pennsylvania

"I love the sheets!!!!! Best I've had by far!"

MO, Washington

"I LOVE your sheets!! . . . It's SO hard to weed through all the information on thread counts, finishes, yarn lengths, etc...THANK YOU for making the best sheets I've found anywhere!!"

MB, Alabama

"My friend is ECSTATIC due to the quality of your sheets and towels!!! Not only are the sheets incredible but the towels are like no other she has ever felt!!!! I will be ordering more sheets and towels in the near future. You made a believer out of me!!! THANKS!!!!!"

GH, Illinois

"Just washed the sheets and put them on the bed. They feel wonderful. Looking forward to continuing business."

SM, Ohio

"Thank you for the wonderful and prompt service!"

JM, Massachusetts

"I have enjoyed doing business with our company as I periodically replace my existing sheets only with those from your company."

EM, Connecticut

"Just wanted to let you know....these are the best sheets I have ever slept on. I will be buying another set."

KH, Florida

"I have replaced all my sheets and towels with your products this summer, and I can't tell you how much I love them! They just feel great!"

HC, Illinois

"Thank you for a wonderful product. I just ordered my second set of sheets today."

JM, Connecticut

Rated best by Ellen Warren,The Chicago Tribune

"Absolute heaven..."