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See what Thomas Lee customers are saying...

"I have had my Thomas Lee sheets for several weeks now - they are great. I was looking for old-fashioned, "crunchy" sheets that always feel cool, and these are terrific. Based on the other reviews I read before I purchased them, I had been talking the sheets up to my husband. I was a little worried they might not deliver, but they did. My husband loves them just as much as I do. Thank you!"
EH, Florida

"These sheets are by far the best sheets I have ever owned. You have a life long fan now!"
MB, California

"I was on a search for the cool, crisp sheets I grew up with. I read the reviews and despite the price I ordered a set for my new Cal-King bed. They are worth every cent! I love them! They have a smooth texture, the coolness I was searching for and the crispness that cannot be found in other sheets. They are now my standby wedding gift also! "
MD, Virginia

"Thank you so much for your crisp cool hotel style sheets! My husband and I have been looking for them for years. Your PerfectCale 500 count fit the bill. Now my only fear is that you will try to change and improve them as most every company seems to do. Please keep them just the way they are they are already PERFECT! Thank you!"
SJ, Florida

"I just received a set of your wonderfully luxurious sheets today. I'm a sheet snob, and have been on the hunt for a sheet to replace the ones I used to purchase, but are no longer available. Can I just say your sheets are even better than those were! I like them so much, I immediately ordered a second set for the guest bedroom. Please don't stop making these fabulous sheets."

"HOLY COW! Now THAT’s customer service. WOW! Yes. . . . I am a customer for life. BTW…I had been searching for about 5 years for sheets trying to replace the “feel” of my old Waverly 100% cotton. I think these are IT!!!! Fantastic. "
KM, Texas

"I became a bedsnob about 5 years ago and went on a quest to find the percale sheets of my youth. I did purchase a set from an company in NH and have been pretty satisfied with them. In the meantime I purchased your sheets and put them on my husband's bed (he is not a bedsnob-really doesn't appreciate quality sheets) Well, I have reclaimed the Thomas Lee sheets from him and I have to say they are far superior to what I was using. I dried them outside and they are just as crisp as the day I put them on my bed over a week ago! He has lost them forever. And they are probably at least 3 years old."
SM, Florida

"Your sheets are fabulous--truly the best ever! Do you have any plans (please, please, please) to make full or twin sized sheets? I want them for every bed in the house! "

"I have NEVER written a review on line because I was too busy or never really felt it was worth the time - BUT I have been using Thomas Lee Sheets for a few years and they are OUTSTANDING. I had an urgent request before Thanksgiving (literally three days before) and I not only received my order - but contact within 24/7 - You should go NO further than this site to buy sheets if you want the best of the best at an affordable price - I have traveled all over the world and every hotel should carry these sheets. "
SL, Connecticut

"Love my sheets! They fit perfect on my King euro pillow top thick mattress. I wasn't sure if they would fit, but they are awesome just like my friends said! I will be recommending these sheets to all of my friends on Facebook! Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service, much appreciated! "
NH, Washington

"These sheets are perfect in every way. Your sheets are worth every penny. I would have saved so much money by buying only your sheets instead of my endless search (and purchase) of SO many inferior sheets in the past. Oh well, live and learn. Thank goodness I found you!"
RF, Illinois

"The best sheets I have ever owned! I will never buy another brand again as long as you sell sheets! Your sheets are now on our list of gifts to give for weddings. Well worth every cent! Crisp, white, cool sheets! Ahhhhh......"
Jill P.

"I was looking for the perfect percale sheets and I found them at Thomas Lee! Can't wait to order more - we just love them! "
NH, California

"I love your Perfectcale sheets, They are crisp yet very smooth and silky. They are oversized so I can tuck the top sheet under the mattress at the foot and at the sides. They ARE PERFECT!"
CC, Connecticut

"Your sheets are very good quality and I have referred numerous friends and family to your web site. I now own a couple sets of the queen sized sheets. I ordered one set six months ago and they are just getting better with age. "
JC, Virginia

"Hi there, just wanted to do a review on these amazing sheets. We bought these more than 3 months ago, they look like new still and feel wonderful! Thank you for making a great sheet that is amazingly affordable. We'll be back to buy more..."
MW, Washington

"Now I know why your company receives so many great reviews... I found your company when I Googled "crisp sheets" like my mom used to have. I read Ellen Warren's recommendation for your sheets. She says they are "absolute heaven". That's what I'm looking for! I have been looking for years and have spent way too much money at Ralph Lauren and been disappointed."
GG, California

"I wanted to take the time to thank you for the opportunity to buy a set of your sheets. I am currently undergoing treatment for stage 4 cancer. With the radiation and chemotherapy combination, I can tell you it is not an ideal situation. But one of the most comforting things is climbing into my bed and feeling the crispest sheets since I was a boy at my grandmothers house. I resist feeling clammy. I rest better, and generally have found to be more optimistic each and every morning. I guess that puts you right up there with a miracle. Thank you so much and I look forward to purchasing more of your products as time and finances allow. Please allow all who can benefit from my testimonial to view it. You should be very proud of your product. I know that I am."

"I too have never given a review, but feel compelled to add to the already stellar reviews given your company. Your sheets are EXACTLY what I'm looking for in 'the perfect sheet'. Crisp, smooth, light...a joy to iron. Just like I like my sheets. And I might add, your customer service (thanks Thomas!)-is greatly appreciated. "
LH, South Carolina

"Thanks for the excellent attention/service. We tried the fitted sheet on today and the pockets were deep enough … remember, we had to return some very-expensive Italian sheets because their advertised depth fell short. Any way, my wife immediately said your sheets felt much better than the Pakistani percale that we purchased a couple of months ago and that she doesn’t like due to their stiffness … even after multiple washes. So, your sheets went in the wash today and they’re now on the bed. They do feel significantly superior to the previous sheets, although yours are 2.5X the price. That being said, I’m a proponent of “you get what you pay for.”"
CS, Texas

"I just bought your sheets, Paid a little more than I wanted, but this is heaven. The cotton sheets are just like the old days, I hang them on the line and I don't iron them, I love the crinklt of them. "
BM, New Jersey

"Eureka! For 10 years I've been searching for towels that actually dry and don't just push the water around and now I've found them. Your towels are brilliant. I was skeptical but your towels have passed every test. "
JB, Maryland

"I absolutely love my new Thomas Lee sheets. They are soft and crisp and fit perfectly on my extra deep mattress. The quality is exceptional: both my husband and I feel like we are sleeping on a heavenly cloud. I have tried a number of luxury sheets and these are by far the best. I highly recommend them. Also the customer service at Thomas Lee is exceptional - truly a pleasure doing business. "
FA, New York

"Thanks guys for the great customer service and the most awesome sheets!"
FS, Tennessee

"Just wanted to let you know that we just received the sheets and my wife loves them. In this day and age where items are hyped so much it was great to receive a product that truly lives up to expectations. I also want to thank you for the prompt service and we will be ordering more of your products later in the year for Christmas presents."
KL, New Hampshire

"We [purchased] a set of the Ivory sheets and are very pleased. Best we have had in many years."
JB, Arizona

"Thank you so much for the sample of the fabric used to make your sheets and pillow cases. You were correct . . . they are absolutely perfect for a southern coastal climate. Soft and crisp ! A client for life."
CM, Georgia

"I absolutely LOVE your sheets. We have three sets that we have had for over ten years and even though the blue is now white — just great sheets. "
CF, Virginia

"I want to order more sheets. The last set I ordered was wonderful and just like the first set. I would like to take advantage of the free shipping. Thank you....I do love your sheets....."
PS, Pennsylvania

"I love the sheets!!!!! Best I've had by far!"
MO, Washington

"I LOVE your sheets!! . . . It's SO hard to weed through all the information on thread counts, finishes, yarn lengths, etc...THANK YOU for making the best sheets I've found anywhere!!"
MB, Alabama

"My friend is ECSTATIC due to the quality of your sheets and towels!!! Not only are the sheets incredible but the towels are like no other she has ever felt!!!! I will be ordering more sheets and towels in the near future. You made a believer out of me!!! THANKS!!!!!"
GH, Illinois

"Just washed the sheets and put them on the bed. They feel wonderful. Looking forward to continuing business."
SM, Ohio

"Ordered a set of King PerfectCale . . . Lovely sheets. They have that smooth powdery feel that is so hard to find yet keep their coolness. I thought at first that they would be too soft for me as I like a smooth, cool crisp sheet yet all the elements come together for a wonderful and substantial heirloom quality."
SW, North Carolina

"I just want to tell you how much I love the microfiber towels I ordered!! They are so soft, hold water well and feel great on the skin! Thank you for selling first class products!"
JM, Oklahoma

"Thank you for the speedy response with the instructions for returning the bath rugs. We have purchased sheets from you that are over the top wonderful! "
KK, California

"I can't tell you how thankful I am to find your sheets! There are just no others that I've found like them. I've searched extensively! No one makes sheets with this feel anymore. They are beyond wonderful! Thank you; don't EVER change a thing!!!"
NH, South Carolina

"I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with everything. The towels are the perfect color for the bathroom. The pillows are heavenly, and the sheets are silky soft."
LK, Florida

"This is my third order. Your sheets are the best: crisp, cool, yet soft and comfortable. The quality is superb and we're spoiled by them! Please keep making them!"
NB, New Mexico

"Your sheets are truly the BEST! I have slept on them for nearly four years now, and I don't plan to ever buy any other brand! I just ordered some additional pillow cases and a whole set for my boyfriend, .... Keep making these incredible sheets...and I'll keep buying them and telling everyone about them!"
SH, Texas

"I was SO impressed by the luxurious comfort of these sheets! . . . The fitted sheet has a generous deep pocket that accommodates my mattress with a 3 inch foam mattress pad on top. You know you're in the lap of luxury when you wake up at night, move in bed, and you think how nice and soft the sheets feel before falling back asleep!!!"
DM, Virginia

"Thank you so much for the great service. I received the queen size sheet and it fits perfectly! Your products and service and commitment is hard to find these days. Won't shop anywhere else but here for sheets and towels. You're the BEST!! Thanks again."
VL, Pennsylvania

"I love my Thomas Lee sheets and want everyone who appreciates exquisite sheets to give them a try. I've looked everywhere for the soft, smooth sheets of my childhood and finally found them with Thomas Lee."
LF, New Hampshire

"Thank you so much for your prompt reply and over-the-top customer service. I told everyone I met today about Thomas Lee!"
LL, Arizona

"I can't thank you enough! Above and beyond in the customer service department. You can be sure we will be doing a lot more business with you for Christmas gifts this year!"
DL, Washington

"You all have the greatest customer service I've ever experienced! "
SP, Texas

"Don't mean to bore you; but, feel compelled to report. Briefly, as stated before, I have extremely sensitive skin; furthermore, have been living on remnants of very old sheets, some forty years old, pieced together that have been washed at least one thousand times and recompiled by a seamstress on numerous occasions so I could at least try to sleep without a scratchy feeling and hot sheet sensation. With these old sheets coming to a usability end, over a year ago I began an extensive trial and error Internet and retail store search for new sheets that would replace my old sheets; all bot, tried, and returned without luck. Six months ago I thought I had found the answer; sheets that seemed to have all of the credentials I was looking for; however, literally washed, dried, and ironed over 100 times just to be minimally and occasionally acceptable to me; really began to give up. I stumbled on Thomas Lee sheets, ordered, received, had reservations, thought why go through the trouble of washing and then returning yet again (don't like to do that), and decided to follow your suggestion and give the sheets a try; with your extremely fair return policy, what did I have to lose. Washed and dried sheets as instructed twice, surprised with just two washings seemed to feel great -I was prepared for my 100 times washing before I even considered trying to sleep on them, what the heck skipped the ironing, put sheets on my bed, and just woke up from the best nap I have had in years; perfect!. Tell anyone who will listen that this sheet buying and returning pro -who has tried sheets that cost from much less than yours to much more than yours- can confirm without hesitation or reservation that these sheets are simply the very best cotton sheets on the market; period, bar none, no exceptions. Thanks for your help, guidance, and suggestion. Going back to sleep, "
MJ, Texas

"I was thrilled to find that despite the deep pockets, your corner construction keeps the bottom sheet nice and taut on my Tempurpedic mattress. . . I couldn't be happier. "
MS, North Carolina

"My grandma always used very fine sheets and gave me some when I married. Once they wore out I kept trying to find some as good, I was sorely disappointed until my first set from you. Now that's all I buy."
CH, Minnesota

"Your sheets are the most comfortable we have ever used and the king size is truly king sized. Thanks!"
SG, Texas

"Wow! . . . Not only do you have the best sheets in the world but your service matches. I will continue to tell my friends and associates about your company."
CK, Utah

"We love your towels, sheets and your response to our request for customer service. We will be buying towels and sheets exclusively from Thomas Lee from this day forward. Thanks, a very satisfied customer!!"
GR, Illinois

"I have a couple of sets of your sheets, and I love them. Better than other sheets I tried costing twice as much."
RV, Massachusetts

"I love, love, love your sheets! ... the best sheets in the world!"
RL, New York

"Hi, I just wanted to say, thanks! We received our order in record time and they are truly the finest sheets we have ever had... Thanks for living up to your own claims."
G & TK, North Carolina

"Your sheets are perfection."
HL, Massachusetts

"I got the sheets. . . faster than I thought. . . they are fantastic! I will definitely order more -"
JA, North Carolina

"Thank you so very much . . . for your service and your amazing products. I have shopped far and wide, from Cuddledown to Scweitzer linen, and NOTHING compares to what you do....well done indeed! "
JT, Wyoming

"I am so impressed with your excellent service. . . I love my Thomas Lee sheets and will never go anywhere else for sheets in the future."
MS, Illinois

"You guys are just great. I don't think I've dealt with anyone so customer centric and you have the greatest product in the world although it makes it tough to get out of bed in the am. Now I am saving up for some towels and a new comforter."
CF, Minnesota

"Your sheets are truly surreal. I can't seem to get out of bed every morning because I am in total comfort! The customer service representatives are amazing and very helpful! Thank you!"
SC, California

"[I ordered a duvet cover] and I am just as happy with that item as with the sheets ... thanks again for the high quality and very prompt shipping. You are sure to get more business from me in the future."
DS, Illinois

"Thank you... this is my third order... I have given all my old sheets away. I truly love your sheets!"
SO, Florida

"The sheets and the order process both were great. I'll order more in the future."
AS, Virginia

"My husband and I are extremely satisfied with the quality of your bed linens. And the customer service was great."
VG, New York

"Your sheets are unbelievable -- beyond words... Because of the unbelievable class your company has shown, I have recommended you guys to everyone I know!"
AD, New Jersey

"I purchased a set of your ivory king sized sheets, and man, are they GREAT! (You've spoiled me forever.) "
MH, Ohio

"[Our bath rugs] arrived right on schedule, and they are perfect, exactly what I have been looking for! Thanks so much for your excellent service and product."
JW, Maine

"Thank you! This is my second sheet set from you guys, I love them!"
JM, North Carolina

"I love these sheets. They are everything you advertise them to be."
DB, North Carolina

"You are truly the KINGS of customer service!"
TP, New Jersey

"I am letting everyone in my office know how great your company has been. . . amazing!"
AC, California

"I love the microfiber towels I ordered!! They are so soft, hold water well and feel great on the skin! Thank you for selling first class products!"
JM, Oklahoma

"I purchased your white, queen size linen set. . . and I feel like I have been sleeping on clouds ever since. . . From now on I will be recommending your company to all of my friends who have a similar passion for luxurious bed linens. . . I want to thank you for your commitment to maintaining quality beyond expectations!"
JS, Rhode Island

"We love the sheets . . . Found a wonderful product we can count on."
JG, Washington

"Wow...thank you for responding so quickly and making this so easy. I really appreciate your wonderful customer service!"
CD, Georgia

"Great Customer Service!"
MD, Hawaii

"Thank you for your awesome sheets and service! I will never buy anywhere else!"
MM, South Carolina

"Thank you . . . for such a wonderful product. I love my towels so much. . . Keep up the quality. . .! "
TS, Pennsylvania

"I received my king size sheets yesterday. This is my second set but want you to know I love them!!!! Thanks for great quality and great service."
DS, South Carolina

"I LOVE the sheets! So far, they are performing just as you promised and are definitely the nicest sheets I have ever tried out. . . ."
JL, Florida

"Dear Thomas Lee -- we have a serious problem with our new sheets. They are so comfortable that we can't get out of bed! . . . After years of looking for sheets that are worth the cost plus some, we have found them. You have two new customers for life."
BT, North Carolina

"I thank you for your expeditious service. My wife (and I) look forward making purchases from Thomas Lee in the future."
JW, Georgia

"Our laundry says they are the nicest sheets that they do for customers."
CS, Washington

"I can't believe what has happened to linens.... You all are an oasis of quality and education about this very confusing arena.... A huge fan."
RK, Georgia

"These sheets are very, very nice. I'm spoiled now, I'm afraid. I purchased some other percale sheets at half the price of the Thomas Lee sheets, but immediately noticed that they are less than half the quality. You do get what you pay for, it seems. Percale sheets do wrinkle a bit, so don't be surprised. I iron the top of the flat sheet, a three-minute process, and sleep on clouds. A wonderful product, Thomas Lee."
DS, Florida

"I have three sets of your sheets and absolutely love them -- wonderful quality."
CF, Virginia

"A belated thank you note to tell you how very pleased I am with my order! The duvet cover is wonderful  lovely fabric and thoughtfully constructed (with openings near the top that help to get the comforter in); the sheets I knew (from experience) would be great; and everything is the right color! Thank you for being so helpful."
LB, Ohio

"Would like you to know my sheets showed up on time, and are proving to be the nicest sheets we've owned for quite some time. It has been decades since I've been able to find sheets that are truly long enough, wide enough, and properly fitted around a mattress. And the feel and crispness of the sheets is superb! Thanks so much!"
CS, Georgia

"Received a set as a gift --- I am in heaven! Totally awesome product - great work!"
CS, Georgia

"The Thomas Lee company will have my business for life. You truly are a class act and I can see why you get such good reviews!"
EH, Virginia

"My Wife and I are more than pleased. The sheets fit better than any that we have had, the duvet cover made loading our comforter (which by the way is the perfect weight . . .) uncomplicated. Thanks for such fine products. . . ."
DE, California

"I have a set of your sheets and just absolutely love them."
WS, Alaska

"I just got my second set of sheets and absolutely love them."
KK, Illinois

"I was writing to compliment you both and the company for the wonderful service that was given to me. It has been an absolute "Pleasure" doing business with You, Lee and your company. It is very refreshing to do business with people who are so understanding, helpful and polite. . . I will be letting everyone I know what a Superior Customer Service Center and Company you are to purchase from. "
DO, Florida

"Thank you for the speedy response. . . . We have purchased sheets from you that are over the top wonderful!"
KK, California

"Your cotton sheets take sleeping to a whole new level."
LG, Florida

"I love your sheets and will be a loyal customer now that I have discovered you!!! "
SV, Pennsylvania