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Thomas Lee: The Superiority of 100% Cotton

Most bed linens of standard quality are made from a blend of polyester with cotton. In contrast, the world's best bed linens start with the world's best cotton. The simple fact is that no other fiber provides the natural softness and absorbency of cotton. Thomas Lee never uses blends of cotton and other fibers in its PerfectCale™ bed linens.

Cotton quality is primarily determined by the "staple" length, which is the length of the actual fibers in each cotton bloom. The longer the staple, the better the cotton.

Egyptian cotton has been developed as a brand to denote cotton grown in Egypt. The ring spun process we use in our bed linens requires cotton with the longest, strongest and finest fibers available. While Egyptian cotton may be good quality cotton, the simple truth is it is not good enough for Thomas Lee PerfectCale™ bed linens, which actually use Pima cotton, a superior quality of cotton that is grown in the southwestern United States.

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See what other Thomas Lee customers are saying:

"Don't mean to bore you; but, feel compelled to report. Briefly, as stated before, I have extremely sensitive skin; furthermore, have been living on remnants of very old sheets, some forty years old, pieced together that have been washed at least one thousand times and recompiled by a seamstress on numerous occasions so I could at least try to sleep without a scratchy feeling and hot sheet sensation. With these old sheets coming to a usability end, over a year ago I began an extensive trial and error Internet and retail store search for new sheets that would replace my old sheets; all bot, tried, and returned without luck. Six months ago I thought I had found the answer; sheets that seemed to have all of the credentials I was looking for; however, literally washed, dried, and ironed over 100 times just to be minimally and occasionally acceptable to me; really began to give up. I stumbled on Thomas Lee sheets, ordered, received, had reservations, thought why go through the trouble of washing and then returning yet again (don't like to do that), and decided to follow your suggestion and give the sheets a try; with your extremely fair return policy, what did I have to lose. Washed and dried sheets as instructed twice, surprised with just two washings seemed to feel great -I was prepared for my 100 times washing before I even considered trying to sleep on them, what the heck skipped the ironing, put sheets on my bed, and just woke up from the best nap I have had in years; perfect!. Tell anyone who will listen that this sheet buying and returning pro -who has tried sheets that cost from much less than yours to much more than yours- can confirm without hesitation or reservation that these sheets are simply the very best cotton sheets on the market; period, bar none, no exceptions. Thanks for your help, guidance, and suggestion. Going back to sleep, "
MJ, Texas

"I received my king size sheets yesterday. This is my second set but want you to know I love them!!!! Thanks for great quality and great service."
DS, South Carolina

"[Our bath rugs] arrived right on schedule, and they are perfect, exactly what I have been looking for! Thanks so much for your excellent service and product."
JW, Maine

"I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with everything. The towels are the perfect color for the bathroom. The pillows are heavenly, and the sheets are silky soft."
LK, Florida

"Your sheets are fabulous--truly the best ever! Do you have any plans (please, please, please) to make full or twin sized sheets? I want them for every bed in the house! "

"You guys are just great. I don't think I've dealt with anyone so customer centric and you have the greatest product in the world although it makes it tough to get out of bed in the am. Now I am saving up for some towels and a new comforter."
CF, Minnesota

"I love your sheets and will be a loyal customer now that I have discovered you!!! "
SV, Pennsylvania

"I got the sheets. . . faster than I thought. . . they are fantastic! I will definitely order more -"
JA, North Carolina

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